Cards for Sick Kids Hospital


Their is a program a Sick Kids Hospital where crafters like me can make and donate homemade cards for the kids or for the kids to give loved ones. I spent much of my childhood at Sick Kids and love the fact I can give back this way. I have made multiples of these cards and they are all going to Sick Kids Hospital. If you’re interested in donating cards yourself please see information below.



Our Child Life Specialists try to ensure that children who have to spend the holidays in the Hospital have as normalized an experience as possible. Part of many holidays is the act of giving cards to people you care about and sometimes you just want to give someone a card to say THANK YOU!

There is no limit to how creative your card can be and cards can be given out to people of all ages! Patients have many people they come into contact with that could be the lucky recipient of the blank card you have made for them:

  • Siblings
  • Parents
  • Extended family members (grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc)
  • Friends (including furry friends/pets!)
  • Hospital staff
  • Volunteers
  • Teachers

Please leave the INSIDE OF THE CARD BLANK so that patients can personalize the card with their own messages and don’t forget the envelope!

Some popular themes for greeting cards at this time of year include:

      • Birthday cards
      • Mother’s Day
      • Father’s Day
      • Thank you cards
      • Graduation
      • Christmas

Dropped off at any time our Main Information Desk in our Atrium, which is accessible from the 170 Elizabeth Street entrance or mailed if you prefer to;

Attention: Susie Petro
Donations Coordinator – The Hospital for Sick Children
555 University Ave.
Toronto, ON
M5G 1X8


Skull Blanket


Scott has another co-worker who is having a baby and he wanted me to make a blanket that would represent them. Apparently the soon to be parents are Gothic and really into skulls so I found this pattern and designed a blanket from that.

I made 36 skull rectangles which each took about 45 minutes to make each one. I attached each rectangle using one of the techniques Mikey shows in this video I added a white trim (would have preferred pink but I ran out of it) then the black wavy trim which I found here that took about 3 or 4 hours ……I think.

The yarn I used was called Colourwheel 95 yrd each and it was on clearance and very soft. The blanket took 9 pink 855 yrd, 5 black 475 yrd and 6 white 570 yrd however on the trim I used 1 white 95 yrds and 3 black 285 yrds.


The final measurements is Height 5” and Width 3.75”.


I had a lot of fun making this blanket and its really cozy feeling I hope they enough it.

Marley’s Christening



I attended my nieces christening this weekend and I made her this art piece for her wall with her name in pink and buttons for the first letter. I think it’s cute what do you think?


I made a total of 2 pink religious cards and 2 blue religious cards with the option of adding Christening or Baptism when I officially need the card. What do you think?


Zig Zag Crochet Baby Blanket


My brother has a friend who just had a little girl and asked me to make a blanket for them as a gift. I found this free pattern called Zig Zag Crochet Baby Blanket from however I CH 147+15 to make it a bit wider with a total of 60 rows.  I decided to do a different boarder and found this one it measures out to 41” x 51”




I used Loops and Thread Snuggle Wuggly yarn large ball of 1263 yds but had to get a smaller ball 446 yds because I did not have quite enough left for the board. If I make this blanket again I would do an additions 10 rows to use more of the rows up.


Baby Bear Cards


So I borrowed a stamp set from a friend called Baby Bear from Stampin Up. I needed 2 baby cards for new expecting parents, but I decided while I had the stamp set I would make extra for future needs. Therefore I made 4 New Baby Girl Cards, 4 New Baby Boy Cards, 4 New Neutral Baby Card (for parents who want to be surprised at delivery time), 4 Wedding/Anniversary Cards and 4 Christmas cards.

They are so cute!




Baby Shell Blanket


So I have been working on a baby blanket for Scott to give a co-worker who is having a baby boy. Here is the pattern I used its FREE however I used Lion Brand Pound of Love 2 x balls.


I increased the size of the blanket by doing 150 + 1 CH and 102 rows plus the trim.  I could have done approximately 8-10 more rows to use up all the yarn (which I wish I had). It took about 20 min per row so about 34 hours plus the trim and measured 50″ x 58″……not bad for doing in front of the TV.

I hope the new parents like it.

Happy Baby Blanket


A friend of mine became a grandmother ON MY BIRTHDAY so of course I had to make the little guy a gift. I made him this blanket, didn’t take too long to make but it was a great project to keep me busy at night while I watch TV.

I found the free pattern on Mikey’s web site called Crochet Crowd

It took me about 33 hours of crocheting within a week to make 63 rows but only did one row of edging, I would have preferred to do 59 rows and make 3 rows around the edging.

The ball of yarn was 1263 yards and this is all I had left…not bad.