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Thanksgiving Gifts


I found a new teacher on in Oakville and her page is called Oakville Card Making and Paper Crafting.

We made the following which was great timing as Scott works with 3 ladies and now he has something to give them on Friday for Thanksgiving.

The haunted house is going to sit on his desk with little candies hiding in the roof.

2016-thanksgiving-4 2016-thanksgiving-1 2016-thanksgiving-1



Halloweeen Is Almost Here


Ok It’s been a while since I posted anything, but I have been crafting I just can’t show most of it since they are for gifts.

Here are a few decorations I have out for Halloween:

The wreath is the same as last year but I really like it so it get two years.

Halloween Wreath 2013 001

The wall stickers are just from the Dollar Store but they add an easy, cheap and cute way to decorate the walls. Don’t worry the peel right off!!!!!

Halloween decoration 2014 C  Halloween decoration 2014 B

The lamp shade I just cut out bats and spiders using my silhouette cameo and attached them on the shades. I know most posting tell you to put them inside the shade so you see the shadow, but I like them outside.

Halloween decoration 2014 A (1)

Here is a 3D memorial book I made months ago as a Halloween decoration. Each page is decorated with a photo of me from childhood, and I keep it out so people can flip through to see what I dressed up year.

I made a one for Jett, Emily Grace and Charlie so they can keep track of their costumes . I hope their parents are updating them each year!!!!!

Halloween Over the Years (3)  Halloween Over the Years (2)  Halloween Over the Years (4)

Halloween Over the Years (5)    Halloween Over the Years (8)

Halloween Over the Years (7)  Halloween Over the Years (6)

Here is a more basic one I made for new babies coming into the family like Isabella and the newest member Aiden.

Halloween Album (1)

Halloween Album (3)  Halloween Album (2)

Hope you like them!!!


Father’s Day Project


So about a week and half ago I went over to visit Emily and Charlie in Hamilton.

Emily had a PD day so we decided to do crafts and I figured since Fathers Day was just around the corner we should make something for Trevor.

Now I took this right from the Silhouette blog but here is how ours turned out.

Here are the kids having sticking there fingers in paint

Charlie and Ermily Fatehrs Day 2014 7  Charlie and Ermily Fatehrs Day 2014 6

Charlie and Ermily Fatehrs Day 2014 4  Charlie and Ermily Fatehrs Day 2014 2


Charlie and Ermily Fatehrs Day 2014 5


Charlie and Ermily Fatehrs Day 2014 3  Charlie and Ermily Fatehrs Day 2014 9


Here is how they look in daddy’s office

Charlie and Ermily Fatehrs Day 2014 10

Valentine Heart Flowers


Valentine Flowers 003

These are fun and easy to make, in fact I did them in front of the TV while watching the Olympics


  • Paper
  • Ink
  • Glue
    • Wet
    • Double sided
    • Shi-bobs sticks (Got them from $1 store)
    • Green Flower Tape (use can use paint, or whet ever you want I just had this)
    • Scissors
    • Craft mat
    • Glass vase
    • Filler (I got mine after Christmas when it was 80% off)
    • Ribbon (I got last year after Valentine’s Day at 80% off)


Cut out three identical hearts for each flower, I used my Silhouette Cameo but you can use a punch or whatever you have. I inked the edges with Distress markers just to get rid of the white of the edge of paper.

Valentine Flowers 004

Cut the sticks to the side you want and cover bottom with green tape to look like steam. See I did NOT do the tip

 Valentine Flowers 006

Bend each heart softly no to put a crease but just to find the middle

Valentine Flowers 007

Use double sided tape on the hearts and match each side together and attach all sides but one

Valentine Flowers 008

Put wet glue on tip of stick…very little

Valentine Flowers 009

Place inside the middle of heart and manipulate the heart until it sits on stick how YOU like and it dries. Drying time will depend on brand of glue you use.

Valentine Flowers 011     Valentine Flowers 010

You could decorate the hearts up further if you want with pearls or jewels.

Make enough flowers for vase but I recommend ODD numbers as they seems to fit better together

Decorate vase if you want

Valentine Flowers 003

Hope you like them