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Easter Ornament Finishing



So with Easter just around the corner I have been working hard to come up with a craft I could display. Originally I was going to hang this on my front door, which I think will be totally safe, but my mom and Scott has harassed me enough to make sure I hang it inside the apartment………so here it is in all its delight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Easter Ornament 1

I have been working on this cross stitch design for 10 days at about 4-6 hours a day then spent over 7 hours in an Ornament Finishing Class instructed by the talented and patient Nancy Cline at Gittas in Mississauga this past Saturday to make it the hanging decoration you see now.

There are so many detailed steps to making this I was ALMOST over whelmed but Nancy gave us written step by step instructions and I took some notes myself. I cannot believe there is NO SEWING in making this ornament because it’s all held together with glue…’s just know what type of Glue to use and how much.

I love the material I used on the back because it looks like the ornament is in an Easter Basket and the colours of the side piping are great. However I did learn about these two took tools you can use…one is manual and one runs on batteries. Now don’t get all excited these are really TOOL for needle work. Lol

Easter Ornament 2JPG

Easter Ornament 3

You attach floss to the machine and twist the colours together to make your own piping. This is great for people who do not have storage to save everything and/or great if you want to use exact colours from your project. I cannot remember the names of these tools or I would show pictures but I am sure your local Needle point store will know what you’re talking about.

Hope you like it……….now I have to start working on something for Earth Day on April 22.

See ya later


Kim’s Birthday 2013 – Bra Gift


Here is a gift I made for my friend Kim’s birthday. I originally saw the idea on another site but it was SOOOOO cute and funny that I really wanted to recreate it.

Kim is very much like me when it comes to her bra…………… the moment we get home the shoes come off along with the bra… personally in the summer when its steaming hot the bra comes off before the shoes and certainly before I even get to the bedroom.

In the summer there are 6 of us that go to a friend’s cottage and I wear a bra on the road trip up there (mostly because we stop for road side French fries and I don’t want to give the cashier a eye full) but within 5 minutes of arriving the bra comes off and does not go back on until we leave 3 days later.

No matter what you call them I prefer them off and feeling free

• Over shoulder bolder holders
• Braziers
• Double-barreled slingshots,
• Booby holders.

Hope you like the present Kim sure laughed when she opened it

Kim birthday 2013

Kim Birthday 2013