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Skull Blanket


Scott has another co-worker who is having a baby and he wanted me to make a blanket that would represent them. Apparently the soon to be parents are Gothic and really into skulls so I found this pattern and designed a blanket from that.

I made 36 skull rectangles which each took about 45 minutes to make each one. I attached each rectangle using one of the techniques Mikey shows in this video I added a white trim (would have preferred pink but I ran out of it) then the black wavy trim which I found here that took about 3 or 4 hours ……I think.

The yarn I used was called Colourwheel 95 yrd each and it was on clearance and very soft. The blanket took 9 pink 855 yrd, 5 black 475 yrd and 6 white 570 yrd however on the trim I used 1 white 95 yrds and 3 black 285 yrds.


The final measurements is Height 5” and Width 3.75”.


I had a lot of fun making this blanket and its really cozy feeling I hope they enough it.


Zig Zag Crochet Baby Blanket


My brother has a friend who just had a little girl and asked me to make a blanket for them as a gift. I found this free pattern called Zig Zag Crochet Baby Blanket from however I CH 147+15 to make it a bit wider with a total of 60 rows.  I decided to do a different boarder and found this one it measures out to 41” x 51”




I used Loops and Thread Snuggle Wuggly yarn large ball of 1263 yds but had to get a smaller ball 446 yds because I did not have quite enough left for the board. If I make this blanket again I would do an additions 10 rows to use more of the rows up.


Baby Shell Blanket


So I have been working on a baby blanket for Scott to give a co-worker who is having a baby boy. Here is the pattern I used its FREE however I used Lion Brand Pound of Love 2 x balls.


I increased the size of the blanket by doing 150 + 1 CH and 102 rows plus the trim.  I could have done approximately 8-10 more rows to use up all the yarn (which I wish I had). It took about 20 min per row so about 34 hours plus the trim and measured 50″ x 58″……not bad for doing in front of the TV.

I hope the new parents like it.

Happy Baby Blanket


A friend of mine became a grandmother ON MY BIRTHDAY so of course I had to make the little guy a gift. I made him this blanket, didn’t take too long to make but it was a great project to keep me busy at night while I watch TV.

I found the free pattern on Mikey’s web site called Crochet Crowd

It took me about 33 hours of crocheting within a week to make 63 rows but only did one row of edging, I would have preferred to do 59 rows and make 3 rows around the edging.

The ball of yarn was 1263 yards and this is all I had left…not bad.



Long Weekend Craft Day.


So this is the fourth weekend in a row where Scott has left me alone. It lonely but I spent the day making crafts……………I know what else is new lol.

Today I finished a new wreath made of two different crochet flowers with bit of left over yarn and a scrapbooking layout of when I got to meet Wendel Clark. No I’m not a hockey fan but Scott and my brother are and I got his booked signed for a Christmas gift last year.

I might be back this weekend but if not have a great time.