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Christmas Ornaments by Isabella


Isabella and I spent some time together before Christmas and we made ornaments for her to give relatives and friends.  We had lots of fun assembling these and I think she did a really good job.



Christmas Cards for 2017


Here are the various Christmas cards I made this year. Some are my creation and some are from classes.

In total I think I made about 70 this year but these are the ones that made the cut.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them because they kept me very busy.





Santa Cam


I made Santa Cam’s ornaments for me and a few families with little kids. I got all the FREE instructions and svg cutting file from Hope you enjoy them.




V-Neck Sweater


So I made Brian a V-neck sweater for Christmas but just got it done.  It was a FREE pattern from its my first men’s sweater.


2016 Homemade Christmas Cards


Hope you like my variety of Christmas cards I made this year.  I started July to October and made 115 cards in total.



Christmas gifts for 2015


Minion hat & scarves for all my little kids for Christmas 2015

Knowing these would be popular at Christmas time I decided to start early (Like July) and make Minion stuff, I loomed knitted everything and followed various videos to make my final design.

Minion 2015 C Minion 2015 B Minion 2015 A

Minion 2015 D


Jett’s afghan for Christmas 2015

So For Jett this year I made him a Ripples blanket which I found at this site

So I used this type of yarn a

The measurements are 60” x 48” 

Jatt's Blanket 2015

Aiden’s afghan for Christmas 2015

For Aiden this year I made him a blanket from Bernat Blanket (again) yarn since he is under the age of two and I wanted to make something soft and cozy.

Baby Blanket 3

It’s 60 chains following this pattern

The measurements are 51″ x 63″

Aiden's Blanket 2015 C

 Charlie’s afghan for Christmas 2015

So I made Charlie’s blanket using a pattern called Basketweave I was inspired from this web site and got pattern from

I used 4 colours starting with Ch 135 + 3 and it measures 47” x 83”



Charlie Blanket 2015

Emily’s afghan for Christmas 2015

So I made Emily’s blanket using a pattern called Corner to Corner (c2c) I was inspired from Mikey at

I used 2 colours and it measures 38” x 54”

Emily Blanket 2015

Mom’s afghan for Christmas 2015

I used Bernat Blanket yarn again and just did a very simple single crochet because its so soft.    Chain 84 + 1 measures 75″ x 51″ using 7 balls of yarn.

Mom Blanket 2015

Brian’s afghan for Christmas 2015

I used Bernat Blanket yarn again and used a pattern called Big Wheel I got from

Measures 89″ x 54″

Brian's Blanket 2015 B

Everly elf hat for Christmas 2015

I made a little Elf hat for Everly first Christmas and I got the pattern from

Elf hat Everly 2015 A


Scott and David’s Scarf

So I made two crochet scarves each black and gray.

  • Bernat Mega Bulky yarn 4 x Gray and 4 x Black – This make two scarves
  • Hook 19mm (S)
  • 72 + 1 CH
  • SC 11 rows

Scott says they are really warm which is great since both boys use public transit to get around.

Bernat Mega Bulky Yarn  Scarf for David and Scott 2015 B  Scarf for David and Scott 2015 A

Sparkle Wine Glasses

So I made sparkle wine glasses for friends this year. On the YouTube channel you can look up any video with the description of “Sparkle Wine Glasses” and see various methods of making these. No one video is better than the other but I suggest watching a few to get as many hints as possible.

 Here are photos from various points in the making:

Sparkles on wine Glass 2015 A Sparkles on wine Glass 2015 B Sparkles on wine Glass 2015 C

Mr Sykes and Jackie’s pillow for Christmas 2015

So I made pillows for friends this year. Made a stencil using my Silhouette Cameo and used fabric paint to put on pillows.

Mr Sykes Pillow 2015 Jackie Pillow 2015


Elf Ornament


So I made these ornaments and gave one to this crazy guy……..looks like he likes it.

They are made using my silhouette cameo machine using vinyl, acrylic shapes, glue and SPARKLES

Christms Ornament 2015 (4)  Christms Ornament 2015 (3)