My name is Tonya and I love scrapbooking, paper crafts, loom knitting and mixed media. I would love to share my adventures in crafting with you and hope you enjoy what you see and read.


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  1. Tonya, you are amazing! I just happened to revisit the email you sent out with your blog information. Your work is absolutely amazing darling. It was good to see you at the theatre in Milton last month (April). Time flies. I cannot believe I have never met Scott. Go figure. Anyway, I hope we can see each other soon. This month, June and July are insane for me. Working up to 7 jobs…it’s a little nuts to say the least. Let me know what your schedule is like. Okay. I LOVE your work. P.S. Do you know how to put together a website? Did you put this website together? It is gorgeous. Already have a website, can you continue with that if you do put together websites? If not, who put your website together? It is amazing!!!

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