Scott’s afghan for Christmas 2015


Scott’s afghan for Christmas 2015

So I saw a picture someone posted on Facebook of a football afghan but did not give instructions so I had to come up with my own design.

Football Blanket 2015 (2)  Football Blanket 2015 (1)
Scott loves Bernat Blanket yarn because its so soft therefore I decided to use that yarn.

• Using a 10mm hook
• 7cs x 8 rows is 5” square

Bernat Blanket Yarn

I followed the video instructions from Crochet Crowd class called How to Change Colours in Graph Afghans – 5 Techniques. I used part 4 here is the link

Here is a .pdf of my design Football Blanket, if you want to print make sure you use legal size paper.

• I used 4.5 balls of the 300g brown yarn
• 1 used 2.5 balls of the 300g white yarn.
• If you want to try not to buy that 5th ball of brown yarn you can either make tighter cs than I did OR only do 4 rows at the top and bottom of brown instead of 8 rows.
• Width is 60” = 5’
• Length is 85” = 7’ ish

Here it is on his bed

Football Blanket 2015 (3)


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