Money Christmas Tree


So here is a little Christmas gift I made for 2 teenagers. Now let’s face it teenagers want to go shopping themselves so it easy to give them money, however I think just giving cash is boring. Last year I made them roses out of $10 bills this year it’s a Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree 2014 (12)

Here is what you need and keep in mind I got this all from the dollar store back in the spring but it was easy to make.

Christmas Tree 2014 (1)

You’ll Need:

  • A stack of cash – you can make these in any amount.  Use all $1 and make a $10 tree or use $20’s, doesn’t matter, just use what fits your budget.
  • A can or small pot for base
  • Floral foam
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters or scissors you don’t mind cutting wire with
  • BBQ sticks or a cinnamon stick
  • Wooden star or make one from cardboard.
  • Moss
  • Ribbon – Optional

1. Place floral foam in can (or pot) and insert sticks in place.  Set aside.

Christmas Tree 2014 (2)  Christmas Tree 2014 (3)

2. Cut a long piece of wire, mine was 66 inches but I had 10 inches left over.

3. Center your wire at the base of the sticks and wrap it around them one or two times.  You want it centered so that the wires are equal on both sides.


Christmas Tree 2014 (5)

4. Next, you need to fold the money.  This is pretty easy, just accordion fold each.

Christmas Tree 2014 (4)

5. Now, starting at the base, attach one bill to the base of the sticks.  The easiest way to do this is to wrap the wires so that they form an X over the front of the bill like shown below.  Then, wrap the wires behind the sticks and bring them around to the front so that they are ready for the next bill.

Christmas Tree 2014 (7)

6. From here we just keep adding more bills.  However, you want them to taper to look like a tree so with each new bill you need to make a small fold before attaching to the stick.

7. Keep repeating this process making each fold a little bigger so the bill is smaller.  Repeat until you have all the money attached to the stick.

Christmas Tree 2014 (10)

8. Now we decorate.  Add a little moss to the base like shown below maybe even a ribbon.

Christmas Tree 2014 (12)

And there you have it – you’re very own money tree that is ready to give away


About Tonya

My name is Tonya and I love scrapbooking, paper crafts, loom knitting and mixed media. I would love to share my adventures in crafting with you and hope you enjoy what you see and read.

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