Compare Silhouette mat to the Cricut mat!!!


I have a Silhouette which I like VERY much but I find the mat does not last that long and cannot react very well with some papers.

I was at Wal-Mart here in Ontario Canada and I saw the Cricut craft mat was sold for $14 for a two pack and we all know the Silhouette craft mat is more expensive and only comes one at a time. So I decided to try the Cricut mat and decided I like it MUCH more.

The Cricut mat is thicker which I feel lets the machine cut better and the glue on the mat I find last longer.

The only thing you need to know is if you need to cut something that is very close to the 12 x 12 edge here is my advice.

Here is what the Silhouette mat looks like:

Different bewtween mats 9

Here is what the Cricut mat looks like:

Different bewtween mats 5

If you want to place the paper on the Cricut so you can cut something close to the edge place the paper the inside of the black line.

Different bewtween mats 3

As you can see from this picture comparing the same image that is cut on the Silhouette and the Cricut the spacing is the same if you follow my suggestion

Different bewtween mats 6  Different bewtween mats 1

I plan on staying with the Cricut mat as these are more economical and I feel cut better!!!!

Hope this helps you


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