The T-Shirt Lady made with Paverpol


I took the coolest class to day in Hamilton with

We made a sculpture using Paverpol called “The T-Shirt Lady” and it was a lot easier than expected and FUN. I really hope to do more this summer.

Here is the beginning of my sculpture before Lunch.

T-Shirt Lady A 2014 004  T-Shirt Lady A 2014 003  T-Shirt Lady A 2014 002

Here is the end result (The tin foil is to help let the skirt dry more flared out and will be removed with dry) Yes all in one day!!!!!

T-Shirt Lady A 2014 006  T-Shirt Lady A 2014 007

Here are some of the other student’s sculptures

T-Shirt Lady A 2014 009  T-Shirt Lady A 2014 008  T-Shirt Lady A 2014 005

Hope you like them, mabye we can do one together next time


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