Valentine’s Day Wreath 2014



So I had lots of fun making this wreath for Valentine’s Day

Valentine Wreath 2014 013


  • Post Board
  • Ribbon
  • Wire
  • Felt
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Paper if you want to hang a sign in middle



I cut out a giant heart from post board – Just from Dollar Store

Valentine Wreath 2014 9

Covered the heart with ribbon and attached the wire to hang.

Valentine Wreath 2014 10

To make the roses I purchased 1 meter of red felt that made 63 circles using a CD.

Valentine Wreath 2014 1  Valentine Wreath 2014 2

Then I cute each circle onto a swirl. NOTE don’t make this a perfect cut it should be slightly uneven to make it look like peddles once you roll it.

Valentine Wreath 2014 5

Then I rolled the felt starting with the outside until it looked like a rose. Scott was off work with a hurt back so we hung out in bed watching a movie and rolled roses together…It was so much fun!!!!!

Valentine Wreath 2014 7  Valentine Wreath 2014 8 

There should be a piece of felt in the centre what lays flat against the bottom; Glue that piece to the bottle piece to help hold the felt together and place upside down to dry. NOTE Make sure you have something to help place the bottle felt flap down so you don’t burn your fingers. I used another glue stick.

Valentine Wreath 2014 3  Valentine Wreath 2014 4

Figure out how you want all the roses to lay on the heart and glue each piece down

I had to make 7 more roses to fill the heart so this wreath took 70 roses in total. Depending on how you make your heart will depend how many roses you will need.

Valentine Wreath 2014 014  Valentine Wreath 2014 012  Valentine Wreath 2014 013

Hope you like it


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