Super Bowl XLVIII Wreath


So last Monday I made Scott his own wreath for Super Bowl 48. Nothing to fancy I mean I would not want to craft up football to, much for him (I know Chuck keep laughing)

All I know about the big game is the following six things:

1)   NFL Super Bowl XLVIII (means 48)

2)  Sunday, February 2, 6:30 PM

3)  Between Seahawks and Broncos

4)  He wants Broncos to win mostly for Peyton Manning

5)  I am not allowed to talk to him while the game is on…maybe during commercial but only if they are not funny!!!!!

6)  He took Monday off work so he can recover from the game!

 Hope you enjoy the wreath I had fun making it behind his back

Super Bowl Wreath 2014 001  Super Bowl Wreath 2014 004

Super Bowl Wreath 2014 002 Super Bowl Wreath 2014 003


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