Coasters for Christmas


As posted back on Nov 23 I took a tile decorating class at

I don’t want to go into detail about how to decorate tiles the way Bizzy Bee’s showed us since that is a class they give, however I will talk about a ways I did mine


Glue the edges of tissue paper to the edges of copy paper (only edges) and take them to a copy store. Asked them to print your .pdf on the tissue paper side in colour with photo copier ink. They will say this might get stuck in the machine and don’t want to be responsible but remember its ONLY PAPER and I have done it 4 times now with no trouble. I know you’re asking why don’t we do this at home on our printer but the ink is different and the ink from a printer at home will run when you glue tissue paper to tile.

Coasters 003      Coasters 004

Cut the picture out and carefully glue to tile.

Decorate with Stickes, paint, alcohol ink however let dry between EACH application

When done apply 4-7 coats of varnish that is water base and I suggest exterior to compensate for drinks going on them, but very important ONLY thin coats and FULLY  dried between coats.

Coasters 005  Coasters 006

When done add cork to bottom with strong glue

This is NOT a hard project just time consuming since you have to wait for everything to dry each time…so don’t wait until Christmas Eve to make these



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