Christmas Money Roses


So a few month ago I blogged about money roses and my mom decided she wanted two for a gift this Christmas

I wonder which teenagers are getting these?????????????

Money Roses 010

I used a combination of the following links

But here is my step by step also


  • 5 crisp bills – this flower is worth $50
  • Wire – Flower department in Dollar store
  • Flower green tape
  • Plastic roses
  • Spray bottle of water
  • Tools to twist wire – only if your hands are not strong enough

Money Roses 001

Start with 4 crisp bills and lay them all in the same direction

Money Roses 002

Wet each corner and roll the edges towards each other try to make a 45 degree angle

Money Roses 003  Money Roses 005

THE 5TH bill should have one end rolled like normal and the other end in the opposite direction

Money Roses 006

Crunch middle and twist with wire…do this with all 5 bills

Money Roses 007

The middle petals should be the bills with the rolls in opposite direct and the rest placed around them

Money Roses 009 Money Roses 008

Twist all wire together and tape with green flower tape. This will be sticky at first but will lose the stickiness by next day

Pull apart the fake flowers and use the leaves etc to develop a flower. Use the green tape to help attach these parts. You might need to make some parts of the stem thicker than others to hold the pieces on.

Money Roses 012 Money Roses 011 

You can make different denomination $25, $50. $100, however if you’re going to give as a gift either do as singe flower or multiples of three…odd numbers look funny put together

Money Roses 013


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