Decorate Tiles


Last June at my birthday Barb gave me a gift certificate for Bizzy B’s and I took a class there today called Tile Time!!!!

Danize showed us how to decorate tumbled marbel tiles using stamps, inkpads, acrylic paints, Lazertran, and other simple to use materials, you can make beautiful coasters, tile work, or decor pieces for your home.

I don’t want to give details of how to make as this is a class given at the store and I feel that would not be fair, but here are the ones I made in class.

Tiles 001  Tiles 002

Tiles 003 Tiles 004

Tiles 005

Last year I purchased a big box of bathroom tiles for $10 from the re-use it centre for another project and have tones left. Since these tiles are different as being smooth I am not sure if the same rules apply but I am going to experiment this week. I will let you know how they turn out.

Thank you again Barb!!!!!!


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