Book Wreath


I made mostof the wreath sitting in front of TV its that easy

Paper Wreath 4


  • Wire Coat Hanger
  • Wire Cutters
  • Book
  • Distress Ink or Magic Marker
  • Thumbtack
  • Electrician’s Tape
  • Ribbon For Hanging

1. Open the “neck” of your wire hanger, and bend it loosely into the shape of a wreath. (Not pictured.)

2. Color each page top and bottom both sides with distress ink about 1.5” from edge (See picture I used Peacock Feather) or I have also see the edges of the pages inked with your marker.

Paper Wreath 1   Paper Wreath 5

3. Take one page, and fold it loosely the long way. Left-brained people: you’ll be folding it into fourths. Right-brained people: fold so that you have a “mountain” in the middle and a “valley” on each side:

Paper Wreath 6

4. Keeping your previous folds loose, fold flat in the middle so that you have a “fan”:

Paper Wreath 7

5. Use a thumbtack or another sharp object to start a hole about one inch from the base of your fan. (Note: your “fan” will be more fanned out than the one in the picture below, with only the base flattened)I also found that I needed to make the hole bigger with my scissors so it would travel down the coat wire:

Paper Wreath 8

6. Thread the paper onto your bent-open coat hanger:

Paper Wreath 9

7. Repeat the steps above until you have a full wreath! I chose to thread the “fans” onto the wire so that the “open” edges of the paper all faced down (underside pictured below) and the fans alternated left and right, but once the wreath was full, this little bit of compulsion made absolutely no difference, so you can just thread yours on any old way you like. The “fans” spin easily on the wire, so you can rearrange at any point:

Paper Wreath 10

8. To finish your wreath, clip off any excess wire and use electrician’s tape to bind the overlapping pieces of wire. Wrap ribbon around to hang on hook:

9. I added some bells and other decorations but you can do whatever you want:

Hope you like it I had fun making it!


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