Paint Nite



This month I went to this an event TWICE called Paint Nite and had so much fun.


The idea is that they have events at various bars in the GTA and everyone paints a selected project and while you paint you can drink (See I am having a strawberry daiquiri) and hang with friends.


The two instructions give you step by step instructions however  I find it cool how everyone does the same painting but everyone’s is slightly different.


This is great for a date night, girl’s night out or just to meet new friends.


Here is what the original paints looked like for the sun set unfortunate I cannot fine an original picture for the wine glass



Sunset 0 - 2013

 This is how mine turned out

 Sunset 1 - 2013 Sunset 2 - 2013

Wine Glass 2 - 2013 Wine Glass 1 - 2013

  Here is the web site for Paint Nite

I would love to go again so if anyone is interested please let me know.


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