So I have been thinking of Christmas…I know its October I should have started my Christmas gift making a few months ago, but this little craft should be easy.

If you have wanted to give someone money for Graduations, Birthdays, Wedding or baby shower but wanted a unique way to present it….here is an idea MONEY BOUQUET

Money Rose 1Jpg

I have been investigating three different ways to make roses and here is how they have turned out so far.

Rose Version 1

 Money Rose Version 1 D Money Rose Version 1 A Money Rose Version 1 B Money Rose Version 1 C

Rose Version 2

Money Rose Version 2 D Money Rose Version 2 A Money Rose Version 2 B Money Rose Version 2 C

 Rose Version 3

Money Rose Version 3 D Money Rose Version 3 A Money Rose Version 3 B Money Rose Version 3 C 

I have not officially finished making them still trying to figure out which version I like best…Feel free to tell me what you think and which style you like best………..I think I am leaning towards Version 2 and 3


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