Halloween Wreath and Haunted Halloween House


So I have been busy since I hurt my leg and made a cool Halloween wreath and Halloween decoration for Scott bedroom door. I made a duplicate for Charlie and Emily I hope they like it.

Halloween Wreath

I figured I need a stronger frame of wreath then a flimsy foam frame I normally use and I lucked out at Michaela Arts and Craft I found a broken Styrofoam wreath in the “Buy As Is” for $3.00 which is so much cheaper than the $16 normal price. Since I was going to cover the wreath with ribbons then it did not matter I fixed the broken part with duck tape!!!

I hit the dollar store as soon as items were being unpacked for Halloween to get the best selection, glue it all together with hot glue and eureka I have a wreath.

Halloween Wreath 2013 001

Halloween Wreath 2013 002

Halloween Wreath 2013 003

Haunted Halloween House

I had lots of fun making these. 8 x 10 canvas painted with Orange, yellow and Purple. Haunted House from Miss Kate Cuttables http://www.misskatecuttables.com/ then added a few ghost and flying witches and there you go a Haunted Halloween House picture.

Halloween Haunting House

Halloween Haunted House 2013 001


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