PanPastel Painting and Watercolour Whimsy


So I spent most of the weekend at The Art House in Cambridge Ontario which had classes by visiting artist Donna Downey from Huntersville, North Carolina USA

I cannot give details of how the techniques are done in respect to the teacher, but if you have a chance to take her class or want to try them on-line I highly recommend them.

I took a class on Friday called PanPastel Painting it was so much fun, however when I brought the pictures home I added crackle paint to part of it to give it more dimension.

PanPastel Painting 008

PanPastel Painting 007

PanPastel Painting 002

Here is a close up of the crackle

PanPastel Painting 004 

On Saturday I took a class called Watercolour Whimsy and I had more fun than the night before. We used these things called Gelatos which look like Lip Balm sticks. I want to try this technique again for sure.

Watercolour Whimsy 001

Watercolour Whimsy 002



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