Paper Flower Wreath


Flower Wreath Sept 2013 001

I can’t take credit for the creative genius of this gorgeous paper flower wreath—it’s originally from the Fancy Pants Designs blog and was created by Ronda Palazzari. It is gorgeous.

Materials Needed:

  • Patterned paper (I used 3 differnt sheets but 2 of each)
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Foam floral ring
  • Buttons and/or beads


It is best to do this like an assembly line. I started by cutting all of my strips of paper, then folded them all, then cut, etc. Some of the steps can be done while watching TV!

1.      Cut your paper into strips. You need three strips per flower and you’ll need 2 different sizes of flowers.

  • For the larger flower cut your paper into 1.5 inch x 4 inch strips.
  • For the smaller flower cut your paper into 1 inch x 3 inch strips.

Here is how I cut the papers and it gave me the following:

  • 36 Small flowers
  • 28 large Flowers

Flower Strips copy Flower Strips2 copy

 Flower Wreath 1

2.      Fold your strip in half from top to bottom. Then fold it in half length wise

Flower Wreath 2

3.      Using your scissors, cut in an arc from the outside to the fold part. This makes the point of the flower

Flower Wreath 3

4.      Unfold the pattern paper and you’ll have a squished oval shape.

Flower Wreath 4

5.      Now fold this oval in half top down, you will see the backside of the patterned paper.

Flower Wreath 5

6.      Fold part of one side back up.  Then flip it over and do the same thing on the other side other side.

Flower Wreath 6

7.      Fold in half again

Flower Wreath 7

8.      Holding the center, run your finger underneath each petal to pop it out.

Flower Wreath 8

9.      You will need 3 petals for every flower

Flower Wreath 9

10. Now you are ready to assemble your flowers. Cut small circles out of the scrap paper for the base. for the large flowers I used a 7/8″ circle punch for large flowrs and 1/2″ circle punch for small flowers.

Flower Wreath 10

11. Take your glue gun and add a good sized drop of hot glue on the center of the base.  Put all three petals of the flower side by side on the hot glue.  While the glue is still soft, pick up your flower while holding it in the center and fluff the petals so it looks nice and full.  Then let the glue harden and voila!  A beautiful paper flower! Repeat until you have enough flowers to fill up your wreath. 

I used approximately 15 large flowers and 25 small flowers

Flower Wreath 11

13. To build your wreath, take your flowers and place them randomly around the floral ring using hot glue to secure them in. Keep building around until your wreath looks full. I started with the larger flowers and then filled in the spaces with the smaller ones

Flower Wreath Sept 2013 001

 14. After i had the flowere were I wanted them I added jewls from the Dollar store it gave it a finished look.

Flower Wreath Sept 2013 002


Remember the Father’s Day Tie Wreath when I used foam tubing uses for pipes, which is great considering it only cost about $1 and if you buy form wreaths from Michaels it could be almost $14. I did not come up with this idea I took it from The Penny Parlor

Foam Wreath


Now Scott will NEVER  admit this to the general public but he likes to watch me makes crafts, and he finds it interesting how I design things While I was making this wreath he decided I NEEDED something in the center. Joking around he suggested a photo of him……….well you know what that made me do!!!  That’s right I hunted through photos and found this one of him playing dress up with his niece….if has a flower feel to it don’t you think???????

Dress Up copy 2

Hope you like the wreath


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