Football Penalty Flag


So I made these things called Football Penalty Flag for friends to use at home while watching a football game so they can feel like they are refs and call penalties and/or fouls. They wanted an even number of red and yellow flags.

Fooball Flag F

Now I have no clue what each colour means but I had to figure out how to make them function for crazy drinking people who watch football.

  • Did NOT want them to bounce around and attracted the cats.
  • Did NOT want them to be hard in case someone got really excited and hit the TV.
  • I had to make them washable in case they fell into the dip or salsa…..Scott is one of these people so I am guessing they will have to washed the first time used.

 So I just went old school!!!!!

 I found these juggling balls from the dollar store that had weight but not bounce.

Fooball Flag D

I got cheap material and cut them into squares of 18.5” (this size could change depending on size of ball or personal wants). Then put a 0.5” hem on each side so the material would not fray. I don’t sew much especially on a machine so it was fun trying to get the needle ready.  All I remembered from home economics, (did I just tell you my age) was to cut the corners on an angle so they lined up better. It was my mom who told me to iron the hem before sewing to make it easier to guide the material through the machine.

Fooball Flag B

Fooball Flag C

 Fooball Flag A

Then I put the ball in the middle of material gathered up each corner and put an elastic around the ball. Does not look the prettiest but will work and can be cleaned after the game.

Fooball Flag E

I wanted to put nice bows on the elastic part or even use ribbon but the more I imagined them being used the more I saw them falling into Salsa!!!!!

Functional I think is more important with this craft.

I hope they like them!!!!!

Fooball Flag F


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