Emily to see Wizard of Oz


A few weeks ago I took my little cousin Emily to see Wizard of Oz, the musical in Toronto. I was a little worried how she would react to the Wicked Witch since she is only 5 but not to worry she was fine, however seeing the tornado did scar her some.

She watched some of the Wizard of Oz cartoon videos on YouTube before going so she understood the story but let’s face it I was still taking her to see live theatre so you never know how she would react.

She was amazing and so cute in her little dress and purse. We arrived at the theatre early so we looked around and I got her a cookie of Dorothy’s red shoe which she was allowed to eat in the theatre. Finally we got to our seats which were right on the aisle but I still had her little booster seat. This was great since a very tall man was sitting right in front of her, but she had a perfect view of the stage.

Emily clapped at all the right moments and tried to laugh when the adults did, however I don’t think she understood the Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow were also the farmers but she had fun.

At intermission I got her a stuffed Toto and a CD of the music. This is where I owe Trevor and his family a big sorry. Apparently she played and played that CD until it wore out and she knows ALL the words to ALL the songs. I did not realize there were so many verses to Off To See The Wizard.

Even weeks later she talks about the show and sings the songs….she know how to pull at the heart strings.

I could not sleep one night and decided to play around with Photoshop. I took a picture of the Dorothy and the gang then added a photo of Emily… it was a big hit!!!!

Emily, Dorothy and gang

To make sure her brother was not left out I did two for him. Now he is only 3 so it’s a few more years before he goes to a musical with us, however he LOVES planes and the Wii sword game so here he is. When he first saw them today he giggled for 10 min, which made the rest of us giggle………..he is so cute sometimes.



Charlie Swords

Next show is Shrek The Musical…..She is watching videos on YouTube and I ordered he the CD so I hope she falls in love with this musical as much as she did with Wizard Of Oz


So I know these are not my typical crafts with paper, but still a craft of learning Photoshop, however I am eager to scrapbook pages for her book and will show them when I finish.


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