Start planning your viewing habits for the fall TV season


Hi Everyone

It’s never too early to start planning your viewing habits for the fall TV season — and get a jump on any new DVR conflicts for primetime schedules.

I work very hard on this list each year and choose to share with you, hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Some of the new shows sound great and other I am not so sure about but I have to check them all out and make an informed decision after watching at last 3 episodes. So when I heard of the new Rogers 3.0 box I had to pass it along. This should make your world better if you’re as addicted to TV as I am.

By the way feel free to pass along the list and enable other who might be as addict to TV like me!!!!

Here you go for your enjoyment:  2013 Fall Season TV

Does this sound familiar? You’re cozied up on your couch and notice a show that you‘ve been meaning to check out airing on your TV. Naturally, you click to record the series and then *bam* — a recording conflict window appears on your screen. It’s a moment of sheer panic as you need to make a split-second decision on which show is more important to record.

It’s time to say goodbye to recording conflicts and storage woes with the newly launched NextBox ™ 3.0. The latest TV experience from Rogers is available in Ontario today and it’s tailor-made for the PVR enthusiast. You can now record up to eight HD programs at once and store up to 240 hours of HD shows and movies.

Based on my experience, if you relate to the following three traits, chances are you are your PVR are pretty tight and NextBox 3.0 might be right up your alley:

1. The recording conflict pop-up – as described above

If other people are present to witness the dramatic ordeal, they’ll probably find your reaction hilarious.  I know, because it happens to me all the time. Cut to me yelling “Nooo, nooooooo!” when it’s True Blood versus Long Island Medium on Sunday night.

2. You record entire seasons of TV shows or movie marathons:

As an avid TV marathoner, I consume my shows back-to-back-to-back. A colleague told me about Ray Donovan and now I’m hooked and in the process of saving the entire season. If a channel is airing all John Hughes movies one night, then my PVR is going to surge with my favourite brat pack flicks.

3. You are a time zone expert:

With so many favourite shows to record, particularly in prime-time slots, you’re bound to face a recording conflict. You’ve mastered the art of finding your favourite series when they air in other time zones.Bonus criteria: Without interrupting what’s airing on your TV, you swiftly pull out a second screen (tablet or smartphone) to view and manage your TV recordings. This is where the Rogers Anyplace TV™ Home Edition app comes to the rescue.

NextBox 3.0 opens up a world of possibilities for the ultimate TV viewer. It even lets you skip past commercials. When it comes to your TV, which features are the most important to you?



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