Calendar Girls – boobie cards


So I am working on this show called Calendar Girls as the Stage Manager, the group is called Calliope Muses at Theatre Erindale on UTM campus.

Show synopsis:

When Annie’s husband John dies of leukaemia, she and best friend Christ resolve to raise money for a new settee in the local hospital waiting room. They manage to persuade four fellow Women’s Institute members, Cora, Celia, Ruth and Jessie, to pose nude with them for an “alternative” calendar, with a little help from hospital porter and amateur photographer Lawrence. The news of the women’s charitable venture spreads like wildfire, and hordes of press soon descend on the small village of Knapeley in the Yorkshire Dales. The calendar is a success, but Chris and Annie’s friendship is put to the test under the strain of their new found-fame.

I wanted to make opening night cards to wish everyone good luck or “BREAK A LEG “which is what you say in theatre, but I wanted to make them with a theme.

There are 6 main ladies who pose for the calendar and hide (NO NO areas) behind a variety of stuff like flowers, tea pot or sticky buns so I made them boobie cards with these items from the show. Also their is a continuous of Sunflowers so for the rest of the female cast I made boobie cards with Sunflowers hiding the (NO NO Areas). They were fun to make and the ladies loved them….hope you like them just as much.

Calendar Girls Yarn

Caledar Girls Bra Front

Calednar Girls Buns

Calednar Girls Music

Calendar Girls Jam

Calendar Girls Orchides

Calendar Girls Tea

PS I made the back of the boobie card the bum with little panties….what do you think???

Caledar Girls Bra back

If you’re in the area and want to come have a great laugh we have two shows on Sat Aug 10 @ 2pm and 8pm. Thursday Aug 15 to Saturday Aug 17 @ 8pm


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