Hailey is going off to University


So my cousin Hailey (Trevor’s oldest) is going off to University in a few weeks. I am so proud of her.

Scott and I sat down and talked about all the things she will experience like frosh week, pub night, and all night studying… (Ok maybe only from Sunday to Wednesday) romantic adventures, friends, and so much more.

We wanted to pass a long some advice from seasoned adults who have been 18 and on their own for the first time.

This is what we should tell her

• Study hard this is your future
• Avoid signing up for credit card
• Track your spending
• Find a quiet place to study
• Get lots of sleep so you are fresh for classes
• Find a good study group
• Get ready for one of the biggest transitions you’ll ever make.

This is what we did tell her

• Start drinking at home before going to pub this is cheaper
• Budget for drinking……..tell the parents it’s for food, laundry or whatever they will believe but budget for drinking
• Learn to eat cheep food like Kraft Dinner so you can take the excess money from groceries and transfer to drinking fund.
• After drinking have at least two glasses of water before going to bed and have one ready at your bedside for when you wake up.
• Never run out of Liquid Advil and after drinking take 2 before going to sleep.
• Don’t schedule early classed on Friday morning as you WILL go to the pub Thursday night
• Go to every frosh event you can, this is how you get popular and get invited to the best parties throughout the year
• And don’t be an idiot…….study hard that is why you are going

I wanted to send her off with some art for her wall and a quote she can remember for life….what do you think?

Beer before Liquor never been sicker,
Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear!

Beer for Hailey


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