Happy Fathers Day weekend


So I originally tried to create a wreath that would represent my father who loves to fish, but that was a huge mess. The concept was great I just need to come up with a better construction. I tried to put fishing bobbers, hooks and weird lures with a fishing net attached but the form wreath was too weak to hold. At first it turned into an oval wreath then just fell apart it was kind of funny when you think of it.

I would have tried to reconstruct but with my broken leg and being unable to drive I could not go and buy more supplies. Oh well I guess that gives me 11 more months to come up with a stronger construction for next Fathers Day.
So I went to option number two. I took some of Scott and Brian’s old ties, had mom get some from the store she volunteers at once a week and made the following.

First I designed a cheap form wreath from foam tubing uses for pipes, which is great considering it only cost about $1 and if you buy form wreaths from Michaels it could be almost $14. I did not come up with this idea I took it from The Penny Parlor http://www.thepennyparlor.com/search?q=wreath

Foam Wreath

Follow her instructions about twisting the foam a bit before attaching the ends and it helps make a perfect circle.

Then I took two other crafters ideas and designed a wreath made out ties. http://gandcjohnson.blogspot.ca/2012/06/happy-fathers-day.html and http://www.craftaholicsanonymous.net/tie-wreath-a-craft-fail

You have to adjust the length of how long to cut each tie that wraps around the wreath depending on the thickness of your wreath so for example I cut mine about 13” long.

Fathers Day Wreath 2012 A

Fathers Day Wreath 2012 B

Hope you like the wreath as much as I like.

Here is the Fathers Day card I made dad….I can show you early because he opened today. He guessed there would be a Tim Horton’s card inside and really wanted a coffee………lol

Fathers Day 2013 002

Fathers Day 2013 001

Next wreath should be all about Canada’s Day……….I think I will start that next week


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