So this month’s wreath is for Earth Day!!!!!

Earth Dat Wreath A

Earth Dat Wreath B

I used recycled materials to make this wreath to help support Earth Day

First you cut out pages from an old magazine.

Earth Day Step F

Pick which side you want on the outside of the tub…..some people might want only earth colours or so they will try to pick pages with those colors

Earth Day Step B

Earth Day Step C

Then roll the page at tight as you want, however try to be consistent so all the tubs turn out the same way. You might need to roll a few to get the feel of thing but once you do this process will be fast.

Earth Day Step D

Earth Day Step E

I used a small bit of tape to hold the tub together but I guess you could also use glue.

I cut a wreath shape out of a cardboard box and hot glued the tubs to the wreath.

Before gluing the tubs in place I played a little with where the tubs should lay until I was happy

Easy wreath, but man it turned out bigger than expected, however I really like it

Earth Dat Wreath A

Tomorrow is SCRAPFEST I am so excited it happens twice a year if you have never been you should check out.

This year I am looking to get into more stamping so I will be checking those booths out first. I will let you know what I find!!!!!


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