One of A Kind Show


So today I went to the ONE OF A KIND SHOW which just opened today and goes until Sunday March 31.

I got my ticket for $10 via a daily deal from Buytopia . The great thing about the One of a Kind Show is if you’re in a wheelchair and bring someone with you they get in for free as your assistant which is very helpful.

My mom got this two piece outfit made out of Bamboo Organic Fibers which can make 15 different outfits. You need to check out the web site and see all the different ways you can wear these e cloths At the moment the videos are only in French but within a week or so they will be translated into English

There is this great Bird House artist who is an older gentleman who does not have email, web site or facebook but does amazing work. His name is Donald Hudgin and comes from Quebec. My mom got one from him last year, this year I pick up one for my friend which is outhouse. Here are pictures of the one my mom got last winter.

Birdhouse 8

Birdhouse 4

I found a great hair clip by Mariane Laperriere from Quebec. This is her facebook page and photo of my new hair clip.

One of A Kind Show Spring 2013 009

I also got a really cool scarf from Scarf Lady Fashions by Jaworsky, We originally met her last winter at the Made By Hand sale in Mississauga and have now purchased two scarfs’ from her. Here is a picture of the first scarf got.


I also purchased 1 earring from Ear Curls which I know sounds funny 1 earring but it’s called a Mini Ear Cuff. Last winter I purchased Small Ear Curls so I wanted to get a cuff that matches. Here is there web site and a photo of my ear…

One of A Kind Show Spring 2013 001

We also got some great margarine with garlic from Incredible Edible Garlic Spread I first saw them in Barrie last winter as was ready to grab more when I saw them today. I know they have recipes you can try but first things first make a grilled cheese sandwich and you will never make one again without garlic.

We spent about 4 hours there and could have spent longer if we wanted…..had a great time and look forward to the Winter show


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